"All great passion leads to the infinite."

 Michel Houellebecq 


 We create elegant and high quality fabrics.

Original proposals that will captivate your senses.
Collections with history and charm.
Designs and raw materials pampered at every moment that attract the most demanding customer.
Each space is unique,
Let yourself be inspired by InfinityHome

Designs inspired by traditional craftsmanship: hand-braided natural fibres, wicker, esparto grass, natural palm and cane.
Printed on cotton fabrics with rugged construction for use in upholstery and decoration.
Jacquards that provide volume, texture, shapes and effects, enriching the sensory levels of our decoration and creating a more authentic experience.
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A collection that combines striking designs with the natural softness of linen.
Created to decorate rooms that generate welcoming feelings.
Floral and geometric motifs printed on strong, drapey quality fabric perfectly suitable for table linen, napkins, bedspreads, cushions and curtains.
Bold designs inspired by the miracle of nature, offering the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.
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